Use the CLI to add components to your project.


Use the init command to initialize configuration and dependencies for a new project.

The init command installs dependencies, adds the cn util, configures tailwind.config.cjs, and CSS variables for the project.

npx solidui-cli@latest init

It also creates a ui.config.json file which houses all Solid UI configurations. Feel free to change where you would like your components to be stored by modifying the componentDir property.


Use the add command to add components and dependencies to your project.

npx solidui-cli@latest add [component]

You will be presented with a list of components to choose from:

Which components would you like to add? › Space to select. A to toggle all.
Enter to submit.

◯  accordion
◯  avatar
◯  badge
◯  button
◯  callout
◯  card
◯  charts
◯  checkbox
◯  dialog